Buckle your seat belts, broads!

The Rally Program

I guide business owners, business leaders, business dreamers, career shifters and stuck-in-the-mucksters on a 1-Day Revolution. 5 people. 8 hours. Countless actionable ideas.

What can you do in 1 day with a Rally team?

-Develop a new or existing business.
-Design a marketing or communications strategy.
-Craft your exit/change/start-up plan.
-Define your requirements for a website.
-Find your calling and build your confidence.
-Focus your product and service offerings.
-Streamline a core business process.
-Learn how to grow your business.
-Get your first paying client (it happens).

A Rally team supports each other. They motivate one another. They leave ready to get stuff DONE. And yeah: 1 day.

What could you accomplish in exchange for a single day? Let’s rally together and do it.

Why 5 people? You don’t know what you don’t know. Diverse perspectives coupled with adept facilitation using a model I’ve refined in my corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting work delivers quick results. An 8-hour personal advisory board ready to rally for you. Don’t be surprised though if you make some life-long friends.

To join complete the application. Applicants for the program should be ready to initiate progress, gain loads of useful ideas, be local to Chicago-Metro (we meet in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago) and be ready to jump in 100%. Team-mates are evaluated based on their level of commitment to their own participation and to supporting yours, and to avoid any conflicts of interest. I insist on an environment of trust, confidentiality and mutual respect.

It’s well-organized and fun. And darn efficient.

So, complete the form. Get your ticket for an upcoming date here. Ask your friends to share with their friends (the wider the net means the greater the diversity in perspectives yielding even richer value for you.) Then we rock it. And we rally.

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