creative business consulting

Be it a kick in the pants, the design and implementation of a new organizational structure and culture, a global business system or change to small and deeply-rooted business habits and processes, Candice facilitates change with an eye for accelerated results and a heart for people. To make a change, to really make it happen, takes urgency, alignment and purpose. Candice brings C-suite experience, small business resourcefulness and an intense career transformation story to your personal and professional goals. If you’re just stuck, or unsure of where to take your business to increase profitability, morale and innovation, she can help guide you to quickly unlock your creativity and potential and that of your most valuable resources. Ready to make it happen?

Available by phone, email, video chat and in-person, at your location or at her workshop in Chicago, services include:

  • business coaching + mentoring
  • company event design + facilitation
  • team-building and creativity workshops
  • marketing and developing businesses for kids + families
  • business-process design
  • change management
  • communication planning
  • project and program management
  • small business planning
  • systems design + development and training for small business
  • technology mentorship for small business
  • public speaking

Making changes, making it happen.
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